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    Tone with resonance, Finesse with Power


    Since their founding in 1896 Yanagisawa has held true to a singular passion: handcrafting the world’s finest saxophones unrivalled in both tone and ease of play. Yanagisawa’s superb ergonomic key-work is second to none and has earned the loyalty and respect of professionals the world over.

    Whether you are looking for a high quality student saxophone or a top-level professional instrument, Yanagisawa’s handcrafted, Japanese-made saxophones will deliver the finest playing experience.

    The very latest addition to the Yanagisawa range is the new WO series of Alto Saxophones. Both the WO ‘Professional’ and WO ‘Elite’ models illustrate the desire to continually improve what is already a world-leading design. With a number of newly refined key types designed for enhanced playing comfort; a unique palm key plate for broad register resonance; and a special neck plate for focussing the tone, Yanagisawa WO series Alto Saxophones are once again redefining true instrumental brilliance.

    Yanagisawa saxophones are the choice of numerous top-level artists across the world including: Antonio Hart, Marshall McDonald, Tommy Smith, Snake Davis, The Lovely Laura and Jess Gillam.